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Communications Networks and Protocols

Research Lab


Our Research Lab is a part of the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. http://cs.utcluj.ro/

Our main research areas are in the fields of:

  • Computer and communication networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT
  • Communication protocols
  • Software-defined networks (SDN) and Network function virtualization (NFV)
  • Applications to different domains: data acquisition, VANETs, smart grids, environmental monitoring, etc.
  • Software products: wireless and sensors communications, adaptive routing, secure communications

Our research facilities are:

  • Research lab
  • Data Center Room: HVAC system and hosts site grid with 512 core and 12 Terrabytes storage
  • Hardware and software: 9 routers (Cisco 1721,2501), 6 switches (Cisco 2950, 2960), HTC mobile gear, wireless routers and access points, kit with Crossbow sensor motes, PIX 515E-DMZ Bundle (Chas, Restricted SW, 64MB, 3 FE), 7 switches (Catalyst 2960 24 10/100 + 2 1000BT LAN Base Image), routers (3 Cisco 2600 si 6 2801); Virtual infrastructure (VMs); AirCheck G2 analyzer, Libelium gateway and nodes, different IoT components

Our strategically development directions are:

  • development of frameworks for efficient data transmissions within hybrid computer networks optimizing the use of available bandwidth
  • software-defined networking solutions
  • grid based applications development (intensive computing, specific management)
  • development of new methods for routing within sensor networks, efficient use of resources and secure access to WSNs
  • development of specific applications with WSNs
  • development of novel Smart Grid communications technologies and protocols
  • software products (middleware) for above types of networks

Offer addressed to the economic environment:

  • Research and development
  • Consulting: Network administration; Network design and testing, QoS services implementation, SDN and NFV infrastructure
  • Training: CCNA, CCNP, Security essentials, CyberOps, Advanced issues in computer networks; Advanced issues in wireless sensor networks

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